Trusted supplier for die cast components

Advances in communications technology are moving at a pace never seen before. With the market continuing to expand on a global scale the international need for communications products is growing and the supply chain needs to be particularly robust and reliable.

A&B Die Casting is positioned to react to market demands. Our ISO 9001:2015 Certified manufacturing facility is fully equipped with aluminum and zinc die casting machines ranging from 200 to 900 tons and 22 CNC machining centers giving us the flexibility to react to quick changes in engineering revisions. In addition we have a full array of finishing and assembly options to give you a turnkey solution for your project.

Our job is to guide our customers to the best, most efficient process. We incorporate leading-edge technologies to make our process faster more responsive and cost effective.

The enclosures and components we manufacture are built to withstand water, dust and shield from RMI/RFI. These components meet the most rigorous standards because failure means potential downtime for millions of communications around the world.

Regardless of your market or your location A&B Die Cast is your trusted supplier for die cast components worldwide.

We make parts and assemblies for:

  • Telecommunication Products
  • Satellite Communication Products
  • Telecommunications Switching Devices & Equipment
  • Wireless Device Products
  • Multi-media Interfaced Products
  • Telecommunication Transmission Equipment
  • RF Products
  • Bluetooth Enabled Products
  • Voice Command Products
  • GPS Products

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