Die Casting – Aluminum casting company

Efficient. Economical. Environmentally Conscious.

Die casting is an economical, efficient technology used in the production of parts requiring complex shapes with tight tolerances. Compared to alternative manufacturing processes, die casting offers a broad range of geometries while providing cost-savings with lower prices per part.

At  A&B Die Casting, we take pride in our expert craftsmen– most with over 15 years experience–in handling every aspect of production from the initial design and planning process to the finishing and delivery of your specialized parts.  We take advantage of the precision and quality diecasting offers while optimizing the results with expert engineering and quality control. We employ cold chamber aluminum die castings for short lead times and zinc die castings for high precision, low tooling costs. In addition, with our commitment to environmental safety, we only utilize 100% recycled materials.

Our Team combines technical expertise with years of craftsmanship and design experience to turnout hundreds of hi mix low volume projects every year. This gives our customers the flexibility and individual attention for all their projects.