Medical Device Industry - A&B Die Casting components

A&B Die Casting services the medical device industry with a wide range of high quality die cast components. Professional medical products must adhere to the strictest levels of quality and reliability. We work with our medical device customers from the foundation of a product by generating prototypes throughout the proof-of-concept stage.  With over 70 years in the business, we’ve been at the forefront of revolutionary changes by consistently refining our equipment and processes to ensure we provide our loyal medical device customers with leading-edge technology and the highest quality parts.

A&B understands that peoples health and safety rely on the dependability of our parts. Our ability to create low volume castings provides economical parts for the development of your concepts and every stage towards your FDA approval.

A&B Die Casting is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Our superior parts are found in life-saving equipment such as:

  • Medical Monitors
  • Operating Robots
  • Dialysis Equipment
  • Ophthalmological Equipment
  • Oxygen, Insulin and IV pumps
  • DNA Sequencing Equipment and more

Our fully equipped 60,000 square foot facility provides:

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