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For over 70 years A&B Die Casting has been serving world-wide manufacturers with  low-to-medium volume aluminum and zinc die castings. Our experienced team creates solutions for your production needs from the formative stages of engineering and prototyping to machining, finishing, assembly, packaging and shipping with adherence to your exact specifications.

A&B Die Casting is your preferred manufacturing partner for:

  • Short runs
  • Solutions for engineering challenges
  • Development strategies for start-ups
  • Conversions to die casting from other processes
  • Turnkey delivery solutions for subassemblies and finished products

Please contact us to request a quote.

A & B Die Casting is ready to discuss your production needs.

What’s New

Die creation for die casting – what you need to know

A high quality die cast component begins with a quality die; and a quality die begins with a good tool design. Die design and creation will affect the overall quality, uniformity, shape, and configuration of your final cast parts. The die is a custom-engineered piece...

Pure Aluminum –VS– Recycled Aluminum

As we talked about in our last article, the die casting process is environmentally friendly in three major ways – it uses less waste, offers high accuracy, and long part life. The most commonly die cast alloy, and one of the most abundant in the world, is aluminum....

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