Leveraging the die casting process helps maximize your design opportunities.

There is much more to a die cast part than what you hold in your hand. Opportunities abound at A&B Die Casting to add value every step of the way.

Our engineering team is the launch pad for getting a good understanding of how your part will be used. By involving us early in the design process, our customers can leverage our wide-ranging experience of the die cast process to recommend designs that either incorporate all features and sub-assemblies into a single or minimize the number of parts required.

We offer customers significant cost savings and outstanding quality through:
• Design for manufacturability that drives down the cost of your part while building value
• Rapid prototyping that gives a 3-dimensional representation of what your part will look like
• Precision in-house tooling
• Extensive in-house machining capabilities and part finishing
• Excellent delivery and quality, every part, every time

A&B adds value every step of the way to get you the best part at the best price.