Alta Motors designs and builds the most advanced electric motorcycles in the world. Alta Motors is building the Future of Fast. To that end, their products must maintain absolute safety and integrity under the most severe conditions. Alta Motors runs every component through an array of lab and field tests before it is released.

When corrosion testing in the Alta Motors lab pinpointed a problem with one of their components, their engineers approached A&B Die Casting to research the source of the problem. A&B produced the exact same component for Alta Motors with a notable difference. Namely, the casting from A&B showed superior corrosion resistance. An analysis of the metal in both parts showed that the casting from A&B Die Casting matched the alloy specified by the engineers at Alta Motors, while the part from the other vendor did not meet spec.

“Quality of base materials is paramount for a good part and A&B’s ingot control shines through based on our experience. We recently completed some corrosion tests on aluminum die castings from A&B and another vendor, and saw markedly superior corrosion performance from the A&B part. With all components exposed on a motorcycle we cannot accept a sub-par casting; A&B’s quality certainly makes the difference.”
— Nick Herron, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Alta Motors