What is Die Casting A&B Die Casting

Many modern products such as metal enclosures, faucet parts, pistons, knobs, filter housings and microwave components are created with die casting processes.  While most die casting is used for high volume production with the cost of creating dies for individual parts being relatively high, A&B Die Casting is one of the few facilities that has reinvented this process to provide cost-effective solutions for small to medium production runs.

Die castings are produced by injecting molten alloys into custom-made reusable steel cavities known as dies. Most dies are made with hardened tool steel that have been machined into net or near net shape die cast parts. The alloy solidifies within the die to produce the desired component allowing for superior accuracy and repeatability. Some of the most popular die cast alloys are  Aluminum, Zinc, Magnesium, Brass, and Copper. The strength of these materials creates a finished product with the rigidity and feel of metal and the high performance of expensive plastic and advanced composites. Fine details such as textured surfaces, names or logos are easily produced without the need of costly post-processing.