Die casting process - A complete die casting cycle

The die casting process is a cost-effective production method consisting of injecting molten metal under high pressure into a steel mold called a die. Die casting machines are typically rated by the amount of clamping pressure they can exert on the die.  At A&B Die Casting, our advanced facility offers machine sizes ranging from 200 to 900 tons.

Regardless of their type, the only fundamental differences in die casting machines are the methods used to inject molten metal into a die.  Hot chamber machines are used for alloys with low melting temperatures such as zinc. Cold chamber machines are used for alloys with high melting temperatures such as aluminum. – Look at the NADCA website for the corrosive resistance properties of aluminum alloys

A complete die casting cycle can vary from less than a second for small components weighing less than an ounce, to three minutes for casting several pounds  making die casting the fastest and most economical technique available for producing precise non-ferrous net-shape components