A304 (K-Alloy) was developed by Delphi in 2003 as an innovative aluminum die casting alloy that resists corrosion, but until a few years ago was only available from a smelter on the east coast. A&B Die Casting is delighted to announce that our west coast supplier is now a licensed source of K-Alloy, making access to the alloy simpler and recycling of the alloy more efficient.

K-Alloy/A304 has been tested to withstand 3,000 hours of salt spray testing with no metal loss or surface damage. Other aluminum alloys would require additional processes and/or coatings to withstand this harsh environment.

The rugged durability of K-Alloy can eliminate expensive processes such as anodizing, chromating, powder coating and painting that are designed to slow corrosion. In addition to cosmetic improvements, K-Alloy applications provide increased functional durability for aluminum cast components in harsh environments.

Originally developed to withstand extreme salt corrosion and temperatures, vibration, and shock experienced in vehicle engine electronics, K-Alloy aluminum is currently being used or being tested on products as diverse as fishing reels, outdoor lighting, furniture, water fountains, mail boxes, radios and vehicle roof racks.