A&B laser scanning is the ideal choice for accurate measurement of complex metal castings.

For measuring complex shapes that are otherwise too time consuming, costly, or simply impossible to measure, an industrial 3D laser scanner is ideal. 3D laser scanners are very fast and easy to use in comparison to traditional handheld methods, such as gauges, calipers, and Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMMs).

A&B Die Casting utilizes the latest in automated 3D scanning equipment to offer rapid and efficient inspection scans of customer parts. A casting is placed on the rotary table of our 3D laser scanner for complete and accurate first-article inspections without human interaction and the risk for human error. This service is always included in tool builds by A&B to ensure your parts are made to specification. Standard CMM inspection is also available for an additional fee.

A&B will also scan parts from other vendors and prepare for you a GD&T report that shows a complete picture of any part deviations. Our laser scanner can accommodate parts as small as the size of a dime up to a height of 48”, depth of 30” and width of 12”.

Whether your parts are made at A&B or elsewhere, give us a call to learn more about our 3D laser scanning.