Zinc is a casting alloy that offers high precision with lower tooling cost for small parts. Zinc’s superior strength and hardness is an ideal alternative for machined, pressed, stamped, and fabricated components. Zinc is optimal for complex net shaped parts with thin walls while offering excellent electrical performance and shielding properties. Its structural integrity and wear-resistance are optimal for creating multi-faceted, complex shapes with a versatile range of physical, mechanical, and finishing characteristics.

The advantages of zinc die casting include:
• Complex shapes with thin walls
• Superior mechanical and physical properties
• Excellent tensile strength and dimensional stability
• RFI/EMI shielding capabilities
• Long die life
• Superior as-cast cosmetic finish

Zinc alloys are optimal for casting parts requiring intricate detail and close dimensional tolerances at high production rates. Zinc alloys are castable to closer tolerances than any other metal or molded plastic. Zinc casting alloys are stronger than reinforced molded polymers and zinc’s hardness, self-lubricating properties, dimensional stability, and high modulus make is suitable for working mechanical parts (such as gears and pinions).

For parts requiring hardness, high durability and cosmetic finishes, zinc die casting provides an economical solution while offering:
• High strength and hardness
• Excellent electrical conductivity
• High thermal conductivity
• Low raw material cost
• High dimensional accuracy and stability
• Excellent thin wall capability
• Cold Form capabilities to ease joining
• High quality finishing characteristics
• Outstanding corrosion resistance
• Full recyclability

Zinc also has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, as well as precise casting tolerances, which makes it an ideal material choice for heat sinks, electrical components and applications that require electromagnetic shielding.

Zinc can be cast at moderate temperatures which provide significant energy and processing savings over other metals and engineering alloys.

The ease of use in die casting combined with high precision and lower tooling make zinc a top choice for designers from nearly any industry. Contact A&B Die Casting today to get started on your next project!