A&B die casting company history

The future is redefined by the past. A great company begins with a simple vision.
In 1924, Ben Dathe immigrated to the United States from Dresden, Germany in order to pursue his dream of owning his own tool and die company. He had started his tool and die apprenticeship in the old country at the age of 14.
Twenty-one years later, Ben proudly opened the doors of Benda Tool in Berkeley, California. The company name was taken from the first five letters of his own name. From the outset, Benda Tool established a reputation for personal service and high quality manufacturing.
Early on, Ben recognized the potential of die casting. Encouraged by his best customer, Ben created a new die casting company called A&B Die Casting. When Ben’s son, Bob, joined the business sporting a degree in mechanical engineering, Benda Tool and A&B Die Casting, were united in a new 5000 sq. ft. plant.
That simple move ignited the company’s future.

Growing Ten-fold.

In 1999 after 40 years in Berkley, the company moved into a brand new state-of-the-art facility in Hercules, California. Now, under one roof A&B could provide the full and complete line of services. Since the move A&B Die Casting grew 10-fold by making advanced die casting aluminum components for scientific instruments, medical hardware, architectural lighting, microwave technologies, telecommunications, computers and more.
Today A&B Die Casting offers its customer a diverse range of services including engineering, design, custom die casting, machining, finishing, and assembly – in short, a complete range of precision die casting services for Dock to Stock and Just in Time service.
As a boy, Ben Dathe was always curious, searching for ways to refine his vision and bring innovation to need. He instilled in his company the desire to optimize whatever process was necessary to get the job done. Optimize service. Optimize value.

A&B Die Casting Company Founding Traditions.

His driving passion for excellence coupled with his family’s rich tradition and deep appreciation for engineering, design, and modern technology have allowed the business to redefine itself in new technologies, but always forged in the founding traditions of the company. This approach – has earned A&B the respect and confidence of many customers over the past 60 years.
The future of the company now rests on the shoulders of Ben’s Grandson, Steve Dathe. With a degree in manufacturing engineering and a passion for technology, Steve is committed to employing state-of- the-art equipment and information integration systems that ensure part consistency, quality, precision and timely delivery, echoing a great family tradition for excellence.