A&B improves the tooling design process with valuable simulations of mold performance.

Great castings start with great tooling. And great tooling starts at A&B Die Casting. One of the ways that A&B ensures their in-house tooling performs perfectly from day one is to run advanced computer simulations well before any physical tooling is made.

At the earliest stages of the tooling design process, A&B engineers utilize FLOW-3D Cast software to simulate the entire die casting process. Included in all A&B tooling quotes at no extra charge, mold flow simulations give A&B engineers valuable insight into how the molten metal will flow and solidify.

FLOW-3D Cast’s highly accurate flow and solidification simulations mean that engineers can test a number of ideas to determine the very best tooling designs. For example, one customer approached A&B with a part shape that was highly cosmetic. An A&B engineer tested several design iterations of gates and runners to reduce overflows to the absolute minimum. The integrity of the part was optimized, while easier cleanup of overflows produced a better appearance.

When you buy tooling from A&B Die Casting, we make sure it’s the best it can be.
• All design changes take place before any new die steel is cut, eliminating the costly process of discovering problems after the tooling has already been produced.
• A&B can quickly and reliably evaluate part designs from any CAD system to predict the effects of the casting process and tooling performance.
• Mold flow simulations are run on all in-house tooling designs at no extra charge.

Die casting fill of a 2-cavity mold:

Single cavity mold overflow view: