Partnering with your die casting vendor can result in better products in less time.

Vendors can be a valuable and often overlooked, resource in the early stages of product design. As an experienced provider of precision die castings, the engineering staff at A&B Die Casting has spent years guiding manufacturing customers through a careful design-for-manufacture review process to make sure their products are not only functional but economical to produce.

A&B staff engineers are always ready to help you with design assistance. The key to getting a better product is a careful evaluation of the application and design requirements of a component or assembly. Special care is taken to see how a new design can be optimized for the die casting process or how an existing design can be improved going forward.

How does this design-for-manufacture evaluation add value for A&B customers?
• Reducing assembly steps, weight and secondary operations.
• Improving product aesthetics.
• Driving down costs while improving the overall part.

Our dedicated and experienced engineering staff will work with you from early in your project until completion to help you choose the materials and methods that will deliver a better product every single time.