When evaluating a die cast estimate, make sure you get the best value from the die cast process.

Getting an accurate estimate on a die cast part depends largely on asking, and answering, the right questions. When comparing quotes from different vendors, looking only at the price may lead to an unpleasant surprise at final delivery. The hidden costs of a poorly prepared estimate can include slipped schedules, less-than-desired quality, or extra charges for services that should have been included in the first place.

As a leading provider of precision die castings to the global marketplace, A&B Die Casting guides customers through a careful review process to make sure the part you get is the part you expect. No surprises, no hidden charges, no gimmicks.

First and foremost is an evaluation of whether the die cast process is the most efficient way to produce your part. A&B evaluates the manufacturability of the design to make sure you are getting the best value from the die casting process. If die casting isn’t the best choice, A&B will recommend innovative solutions.

The next step is to work with the engineers and buyers of the die casting to verify the accuracy of the information and make sure the specifications include every aspect of production, finishing, and delivery.

A&B gains a good understanding of what you need by asking the right questions.
• What are the tolerances required for the part?
• What specifications are appropriate for the part? For example, do the specifications conform to North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) or are enhanced tolerances needed that will require secondary operations?
• What is the finishing level of the part? Is it a consumer-facing part? Or is it industrial-level?
• Is it a class-A finished part? Or are there lesser finishing requirements?
• Do areas of the part require masking from finishing?

These questions and more must be asked and answered before the quote is provided.

The next time you need a quote, you’re assured that A&B Die Casting will provide you with:
• A careful and complete analysis of all part specifications
• An honest all-in quote that’s not going to change once the parts are in production
• The best value from the die casting process