Optimized Process Technology (OPT) combines systematic team planning, specific team assignments, continual review and in-process improvements to deliver a highly tuned, efficient system based on solid engineering, focus, and commitment. OPT draws on resources from every department and service to maximize throughput without sacrificing one iota of quality. The benefits of this process, over 60 years in the making and based on bleeding edge technologies, is apparent in cost savings, delivery times, and the final quality of the packaged product.

OPT means right pricing—with an underpinning of value, A&B makes sure we design the right tool for the right volume and specifications. Value engineering is one of our biggest strengths.

When a company can do things others can’t, when a company offers this level of innovation throughout the process, you know there is something special about it. OPT sets A&B apart and the proof is in our ability to handle 1700 different processes under one roof, simultaneously. That is one significant advantage we have over Asian manufacturers and most of our domestic competition.

The OPT process involves high technologies, powerful flexibility, and inexhaustible engineering know-how. The result is not just saving our customers at the bottom line, but crossing the line to new dimensions in quality and service.

Simply put, OPT leans out the production process and maximizes the dollar value of each part.